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Does life feel like a rat race? Endless striving, never getting what you want, and being disappointed is so discouraging. In this message series you’ll uncover the motivation behind pointless pursuits, discover how God’s grace can help you out of the cycle, and learn how to experience the life God always wanted for you.

Transforming Life Church is all about guiding people to go beneath the surface of their lives to experience deep, long-lasting change. We’ll help you address the deeper issues in your life so you can be better connected to others and experience the life you’ve always craved.


Life with Jesus

Explore the message of Jesus that results in deep, beneath the surface spirituality. You’ll learn how to live more like Him and face what’s really in your heart. Heart work is the hardest work.


Life with people

You were never meant to live in isolation. Here, you’ll meet new people and learn how to have better relationships in your life. Hope for healthy relationships with people as you follow Jesus.


Life with purpose

God enables you to make a difference. Be apart of a church that helps the community and inspires you to transform your world. Helping others is your calling no matter your career.

Marriage Seminar 2019.png

Does marriage seem impossible? Ever wonder what really makes or breaks a marriage? Aaron Potratz and Sara Graves from Life Discovery Counseling Services have helped many couples find answers to those questions and find a practical way to a better marriage and better life.

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