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These are 3 areas of life that we guide and support you to experience health in. This is the life you’ll love to live!

Life with God.png

God created you and is walking with you…even if you may not realize it. We will inspire you to grow in your life with God through understanding Scripture, knowing who Jesus is, learning God’s nature, and discovering your purpose. Being near God will sustain you throughout your life.

Life with Self.png

You are a human being not a human doing. We will invite you to go deep beneath the surface of your life to uncover how you are being…not just doing. We will encourage you to practice self care that leads to emotional health, to embrace suffering instead of denying it, and to become self-aware.

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Relationships with people are so important…yet can be very difficult. We will help you learn what a healthy relationship is and how to love others well. We integrate counseling help and the rich insight from the academia of psychology into our theology and practice. You can’t be a healthy person if your relationships remain unhealthy.

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