Why Jesus?

The last several weeks have been so powerful as we have had the privilege to hear the Why Jesus stories from members of our community. Has it made you ponder your own personal "Why Jesus" story? Have you given thought to what it means for each area of your life? Why Jesus in your workplace? Why Jesus for your marriage? Why Jesus for your family? Why Jesus for your kids?

Being loved, chosen, forgiven, freedom, victory....whatever the reasons behind your "Why Jesus," we are praying that you experience the presence and love of God in a new and refreshing way as we reflect on the "Why Jesus" stories of those around us. Click here to listen to the podcasts.


It can be common when searching for emotional health, wholeness and healing to struggle with your faith and to contemplate how your relationship with Jesus relates to your experiences, your past and your hurt. This series of podcasts tackles this very subject. Click here to listen to the Therapy & Theology podcasts.


Emotionally Healthy Families

Emotional health is a big priority for us at Transforming Life Church. We talk about it and teach about it. Emotional health can be a very personal thing, but have you ever thought about emotionally healthy families and what that looks like? Click below to read more about emotionally healthy families.

Family Fun

>> Big Truck Day on August 3rd at Conestoga Recreation and Aquatic Center! Find more details HERE.

>> Puddle Stompers on August 14th at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. This educational nature program is geared towards preschoolers. This is a free event, however registration is required. Learn more HERE.

>> Smokey Bear's 75th Birthday Party on August 9th at the Tillamook Forest Center. Join the fun with cake prizes, songs and games! Find more details HERE.