Taking a Break from Teleportation

I didn’t even realize I was doing it.  Day after day and throughout the day I was teleporting to somewhere else.  Physically I was with my kids, but mentally I wasn’t anywhere near them.  Fridays are my regular day off, so I stick around the house and do fun things with the kids.  Yes I was with them, but every time I checked social media I immediately teleported to what I saw.  I was on the beach with that cool breeze vacationing.  I too was eating at that awesome new food spot downtown with friends.  Instead of being where I actually was, my mind teleported to that gym The Rock was working out at. Yes, I’ve joined the 155 million people that follow him.  One of my kids would say “Daddy” and then I’d be teleported right back to my house.  Do you find yourself doing the same thing? 

 I’ve discovered that being mentally where I am physically actually enriches my connection to others and leads to better emotional health.  Every time you and I teleport mentally, we are taking a break from what is and wishing we could have something else.  This is a good thing in moderation. It’s a terrible thing in excess because you feel dissatisfied with your reality and find yourself disappointed. Don’t believe the lie that your best life is tomorrow or that you haven’t got right now what you need to love the life that you have.

Here’s what I’ve been doing on my day off.  I stay off social media and thereby stay right where my feet are.  It has been so good to give myself that mental break of what my life could be or what I could be doing.  Instead, I am able to feel gratitude for what I have and who I am with.  I think my kids feel it too…especially since I can answer at the first call for “Daddy”.

May you find some rest by taking a break from teleportation too.  Even if it’s an hour or two a week that you leave your phone in a different room, try it. I think you are going to love it.


Nelz Samuel