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Emotional Health

How’s your relationship with yourself? That may seem like an odd question. Yet, this is really important to your health because what’s underneath the surface has a direct impact on all areas of your life.  Jesus said “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” What you say, how you act, and even what you think to be true is shaped by what is inside of you. 

Anger, shame, fear, and pain all influence our actions and reactions.  If you aren’t aware of your emotions and understand them, you may be hurting yourself and others. Emotions can be shoved down and hidden for only so long. We all will find ways to cope, but many of us don’t even realize what we’ve been doing…for years!

We want to be there for you as you take this journey toward emotional health. As an emotionally healthy church, we encourage the following to experience a life shaped by love, peace, and health instead of shame, fear, and pain. These are shared in small groups, leadership meetings, sermons, prayer meetings, and seminars.

  • Be self-aware of what you feel, why you feel it, and how you respond

  • Understand common emotions such as: sadness, anger, happiness, fear, shame

  • Break the power of the past by understanding how your family of origin and the wounds from the past have shaped you

  • Grieve losses and changes through life

  • Embrace your limits

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Be vulnerable and transparent

  • Live unhurried

  • Practice self-care including rest, activities that cultivate joy, being with friends, and intentional times of silence


Philosophers, scholars, theologians, physicians, and psychologists throughout history have informed us that the humans are multifaceted, complex creatures.  Because of this, the quest to know and understand oneself is a huge task.  Even so, it’s incredibly rewarding.  As you learn more about who you are, you can have better relationships with others, experience God deeper, and be more satisfied in your career.  The Bible is not just a book about God, it’s a book about our humanity.  Don’t spend your life missing out on uncovering your identity and discovering your identity in Christ. 

In AD 500, Augustine wrote in Confessions, “How can you draw close to God when you are far from your own self?”  Peter Scazzero, expert on emotionally healthy spirituality, says “You can’t surrender what you don’t know.”  Knowing yourself is becoming aware of more of you that you can invite God to heal and transform.  In addition, it’s more of God that you can know. You’ll discover a healer when you experience His healing. You’ll discover the master designer when you bring your specific traits to Him to redeem for a divine purpose and plan.

So we invite you to uncover who you are more than ever, so you can know more of who God is more than ever.


We all suffer…and it really hurts. It could be a physical problem or a relationship that is brutal.  Maybe it’s a dream that hasn’t happened on your timeline. Negative comments from others, job loss, loneliness, and a lot of other common life situations cause us to wish it didn’t hurt so much. We want it to end as soon as possible.  No one likes feeling overwhelmed, weak, or inferior. Thus we cope by doing anything that feels good, and we never actually deal with what’s really going on.  Our church invites you to rethink suffering. Instead of denying, would you embrace it?  Consider that suffering is the path for the growth and transformation that would be good for you in the long run. Instead of “faking” everything is okay, acknowledge that whatever you are going through is really hard and overwhelming.  This authenticity will open the door to the help you need.

We encourage you to ask the following questions in your season of suffering to uncover what you can learn about yourself and God.

  • What have my reactions (emotions, coping, defenses) taught me about myself?

  • What am I really worried about?

  • What am I so fearful about?

  • Why is this so painful for me? Does it trigger something from the past?

  • What could God be trying to show me about who He is?

  • How is God changing my perspective of what matters most?

  • Am I able to surrender my plan for God’s plan?

  • How can I trust God in this situation?

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