Meet Our Lead Pastor 
Nelz Samuel 

My passion is Jesus and helping people grow. I wasn’t raised in the church, but rather had a profound experience when I was 15 that truly changed my life forever. Since then I’ve asked hard questions, considered how spirituality can be practical and taken a really good look in the mirror.

My life has been God uncovering who I really was, me discovering a transformative hope, and experiencing the life that God designed me to have. Transforming Life Church has been birthed through that path.  I want every person to have their life changed by Jesus too.

After years of serving in the local church and learning everything I could about the Bible, I had a crisis moment.  What I had heard and been taught wasn’t enough for the suffering beneath the surface of my life.  I didn’t know how to handle disappointment, anger, sadness, and the loneliness that had come to be my norm.  That set me on a path to fill in that gap between what the church taught and what I was dealing with emotionally. 

Nelz Preaching.jpg

Over a 15 year period, God gave me some insight on a way forward through integrating spiritual, emotional, and relational health. Finally I had some answers to address the deep needs I had.

That journey included moments of frustration and peace, isolation and community, worry and hope, pain and healing. All of this was the grace of God bringing me closer to Him than I ever imagined.

As a pastor and friend to many, it is my mission in life to love people well and to guide them to a spirituality that actually transforms their life. I have helped people tend to their hearts through teaching that integrates counseling/psychology, pastoral counsel to pay attention to the tension in their lives, and modeling how to love well. My hope is that my influence on people will translate to better people, not just more informed people.

My list of Transformative Reads: