Nelz Samuel

My passion is Jesus and helping people grow. I wasn’t raised in the church, but rather had a profound experience when I was 15 that truly changed my life forever. Since then I’ve asked hard questions, considered how spirituality can be practical and taken a really good look in the mirror.

My life has been God uncovering who I really was, me discovering a transformative hope, and recovering the life that God designed me to have. Transforming Life Church has been birthed through that path.  I want every person to have their life changed by Jesus to. Read More…


Meet Our Children’s Director

Dora Moua

I grew up in the church but never really knew Jesus until I married my husband, Roger. His family revealed so much commitment in what it means to live a transformed life. They have since been a huge factor in building and shaping me to be the woman I am today. 

About 8 years ago, a passion for kids ignited. This calling had come out of a season of barrenness. We were struggling with infertility and questioned God's purpose for our lives. Right around that time, I was already volunteering in our home church and helping out with the kids ministry in any way possible. Over that time, I felt God asking me to embrace the place I was in. 

Since then, I've worked in childcare, taught children, served local foster children/families, nannied, and always found myself called to lead in Children's Ministry. You literally couldn't get me away from kids. It is my greatest desire to partner up with parents and families in raising up the next generation. I believe God has a special place in His heart for kids and He's asking me to be obedient in loving the children that come into my life.