Why Transforming Life Church?

We are a 60 year old church. God has led us to change, to refocus, to sacrifice any tradition or bias for the cause of discipleship. We grew burdened that church life doesn’t change life. So we pressed into Jesus as He refined us and our vision for church. Our hearts grew passionate about experiencing the transformation that His first disciples experienced and witnessed as recorded in Scripture. Today, we are all in for embodying a spirituality that emphasizes being near God, focus on mental and emotional health, and helping people love well.

We know it’s been too long that people have denied the wounds of their past that wreak havoc on their present. We know it’s been too long that people have tried to fix themselves on their own. We know it’s been too long that people abuse and manipulate those they are supposed to love and cherish.

We know it’s time for Transforming Life Church to be God’s response.

Our Refocus:

We commit to spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy leaders

We focus on growing people, not growing a church

We emphasize discipleship that prioritizes emotional and relational health

We meet for meaningful connection with God, self, and others


A faith community serious about healthy relationship with God, self, and others.


Multiply disciples to connect to God’s heart, prioritize their emotional health, and cultivate healthy relationships.

Where You’ll Find Us

5525 SW Menlo Dr., Beaverton OR 97005